New Remix for Jil Tanner coming soon on seveneves records

Hey folks,

just enjoy our upcoming remix for Jil Tanner’s Track „We Can Do“ 🙂
Coming out soon on Seveneves Records.

dexter curtin & marcus jahn

Release date: 2nd June 2017

What Seveneves says about:

Jil Tanner’s brandnew release “We Can Do” is already an insider tip for the upcoming festival season. Jil Tanner is a singer, female DJ and producer and therefore she embodies an experienced musician with love for Tech House music. With her new song she wants to tell us something: “Everything is possible. Without Borders. Music with depth, free thoughts and profound sense of life. To travel with open arms into the world, to gather great impressions and inhale the smell of life. If lovers of electronic music dance barefoot in the sunshine with flying hairs, then “We Can Do” tells its story!” Equipped with two remixes from “Mima Jastei” and “Marcus Jahn & Dexter Curtin” which show every facet of this track in a special way, this release convinces on every line. Turn the music on, close your eyes and dance!

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